Lies of the Left #2

We are currently in the midst of the “caged immigrant children” crisis.  You know, the one Obama did for 8 years, but now because it’s a Republican it’s HORRIBLE. Sheesh.

So the lie we are doing today is “It’s for the Children!” After one of the school shootings, I remember a dem saying something like “if we can save just one child”.  These people don’t care about the children. They are just tools to confiscate our right to self defense, or to attack Trump.

So think about this.  The Democrats are saying “It’s a crime against humanity, just like the Nazis did, to separate children from their parents!”.  Please. They are only too happy to separate children from their parents if they get to do it via an abortion.


Annaliese Nielsen

a.k.a Lara Nielsen.


Has gotten her 15 minutes of fame.  She’s getting a ride from a Lyft driver who has a Hawaiian bobble headed hula dancer on his dash. Nielsen, a women’s studies moron, starts recording and then berates him for his hula girl for 8 minutes. You can see the video here:

It’s not very pleasant to watch until the other passenger starts being total disgusted by Nielsen’s behavior.  Then it gets really good when the driver drops her off in the middle of nowhere.

She goes on to get him fired, except they rehired him once they saw/heard the video.

Then the fun starts. People get busy on the internet making fun of this nasty woman.  Lots of these memes involve hula girls with her face pasted on.  Some involve pictures of a horse, though I can’t figure out why it’s the front part of the horse. She’s deleted her accounts because of all the well earned harassment she’s getting. She can’t even understand why it’s happening.

I’ve seen this a number of times. Some SJW thinks he will save the world by recording himself being an ass, or killing someone, or sitting down during the national anthem, or shutting down traffic because only black lives matter or some other foolish thing. I say keep mocking them.  Even if they can’t learn, we can have fun at their expense.


Update: Looked at some of this woman’s tweets.  Pretty clear she hates white males.   Thinks it’s somehow wrong for a white male to use something from some other culture.  Guess I better turn in my toyotas. No more sushi! Well wait a second, why does everyone else get to use stuff white males invented?  You scummy leftists giving up your phones, electricity, cars, and computers?  Thought not.  Give me a call when you do


Women Are NOT The Enemy

There are a lot of men who think men should either avoid women or to avoid marriage. I read the comments on manosphere blogs, and can see a huge amount of bitterness and fear expressed by the writers. There’s talk of losing everything through frivorce. Lots of people advise walking away from women altogether, while others say have all the temporary girlfriends you want, but never get close and form a partnership with one.


There’s no doubt why people have come to this conclusion. I have an article here describing the completely twisted world view of a fully indoctrinated femi-nazi. And there is no doubt about the number of completely spoiled women, and men, running around out there in the US and other western countries. I think perhaps it’s worse for women with the “you can be anything, you are special, and you are better than everyone else” chant running through the media and pop culture. I am especially offended by the ridiculous female action heroes portrayed in film.


Some of you may say there are no spoiled men out there, but I point to Elliot Rodger as the poster child for warped, immature, and spoiled men.


People have also pointed out on various manosphere sites that women crave with all their hearts and souls to be in a relationship. I believe this to be absolutely true, though feminism is busily teaching a contradictory message. That message though, contradicts women’s nature and this is demonstrated by all the femi-nazis rejecting men in the daytime while looking for a husband every evening.


I also believe women want leadership. (that popping sound you hear is feminist heads exploding) This is why they are more attracted to men who have a plan. My daughter recently dumped a guy who was constantly manipulating her to ask him out. This is why “alphas” do well in the dating market. But there is another component of this that’s perhaps not well understood. Women also want to have influence over whatever the plan is. My daughter also recently dumped a guy who didn’t listen to her at all. No listening, no influence. The women want the men to be planning the future while they influence whatever decision is made. I have found that this is a good thing. My wife and I can point to decisions we spent a lot of time going back and forth over and those decisions were better than any decision either of us would have made on our own.


In summary, women want an equal partnership. They want men’s affection, leadership, and companionship. In return, they will be the best mothers they can be, as they will totally devote themselves to their children. If you are a man and you want children, never, ever consider having them without providing a mother as well. The father provides leadership and guidance to the children. The mother gives them everything else. Couples in a good partnership will stay married, produce great children, and will ultimately really enjoy that relationship. There will be unpleasant moments along the way, and marriage, as is pointed out quite frequently is full of risk, but with high risk comes great reward.

Social Justice Warriors are the Problem

From the Dalrock blog:


The new Red Guards.

Posted on September 23, 2014by Dalrock

Vox succinctly describes Social Justice Warriors:

Social Justice Enforcers would be a more apt term. The SJWs are nothing less than the mutaween of the godless West, the self-appointed enforcers of the would-be globalist elite’s hellish parody of morality.



End quote


Keep this in mind when you listen to the news and the radio. The recent tempest in a teapot over Ray Rice whacking his fiancé comes to mind. None of these SJW’s said boo about his fiancé whacking him first. No criminal charges were made, which pretty much means he’s not guilty. (I’m not saying he was right, but that you can’t always just blame the man without looking at his side.) So now the SJW’s are looking for anything and everything to beat up the NFL. I heard someone suggest they do away with cheerleaders because… what? They’re demeaning to women? They make some people feel fat? I don’t know. Another blogger, whom I can’t find again, noted that a google search of media people (reporters, news anchors etc.) beating up their wives and girlfriends yielded a treasure trove of results. Where’s the outrage over that? Why aren’t we beating up people in the media over their “war on women”? It’s because they are the lead SJW’s and they are busy attacking the NFL right now thank you very much.


Also note that a lot of women do some serious physical damage to the men in their lives. (remember Lorraina Bobbit?) The men in these situations, are in a totally damned no matter what you do situation. If they react like Ray, they may go to prison, lose their jobs and God knows what else. If they report it, they are apparently looked down upon by the cops, and typically nothing happens to the women. You may not believe me, but check it out for yourself, and then ask yourself what happened to Mrs. Ray Rice.


The Matt Walsh Blog has a great article [1] entitled “Sorry, but it’s your fault you’re offended all the time”. He notes the SJW’s are busy assigning motives to things you do so they can be offended. For example if you pull a chair out for a woman or open the door for a woman, then you are performing a “microagression” by implying that she can’t do it herself. These microagressions can be almost anything, like asking someone where they are from, or complimenting them on their hair, or to think Asians might be better at math.


So what can one do?


First, learn to recognize the SJW’s. It’s pretty easy because they use trite, and false phrases constantly. “war on women”, “patriarchy”, “racist”, “white privilege”, “rape culture”, “trigger warning”, “homophobe”, “Eurocentric”, “microagression” and on and on ad nauseum.


Next, just don’t take it. Call them on their BS. Fight. Why? Because they will never give up, and their complaints will just become ever more ridiculous. They will happily destroy you in their never ending crusade. Ask Ray Rice, Brendan Eich(Firefox), or George Zimmerman. If you apologize, which is to admit you were wrong, they now have proof that you are evil. If you say they are wrong and wrong headed, refuse to apologize because after all you have committed no wrong, they lose.


Recognize their lies, don’t believe their lies, and fight their lies. Evil wins if good men sit idly by and do nothing.



Don’t marry a femi-nazi

My daughter recently had a conversation with her cousin who is a young liberal lady. Her cousin said two surprising things. One was that because men would earn so much more than her over their lifetimes, they should always pay for her meals. The second was that men were now obsolete and the human race could continue with just women and artificial insemination. Now these goals are a bit mutually exclusive. A man can’t pay for your dinner after you’ve euthanized him. Well I suppose once you’ve divvied up all his things he sort of can. That’s the way the Nazis did it. Let’s look at each of these liberal “ideas” one at time.


Idea one. Men earn more. Well, this is true. Why is this? Is this because of sex discrimination? Not really. It’s because men take different jobs. They take dirty and dangerous jobs. They also take less flexible jobs, where they can’t leave to pick up the kids. Walk around an oil well, a power plant, or a coal mine. Who are most of the people there? Men. Even though this makes the leftists crazy, because they want equal results for every one, it’s really for the best. Why? Because the ladies expect you to pay for their dinner, expect you to buy the engagement ring, and want you to earn lots of cash to pay for the kids they want to stay home with. And here’s the real kicker. Because hypergamy is real, women are much more attracted to high earners, especially the ones who earn more than they do. So the liberal ladies resent your higher earning power even while they seek you out for it.


Idea two. Let’s kill all the men and take their stuff. Here’s an example of a liberal idea that may just be too stupid to even comment on. Some recent libtard books; “The End of Men”-Hanna Rosin, “Are Men Necessary?”-Maureen Dowd. You may say, “You haven’t even read these.” To which I reply, “Thank you.”


If you’re dating or engaged to a girl that subscribes to these theories, think about maybe finding a different girl who doesn’t. It’s going to be tough to have an equal partnership with someone who thinks you owe her, or that the she would be better off with you dead.