Lies of the Left #1

I’ve decided to expose some of the common lies of the left. Since everything the verbose left says is a lie it’s going to be hard to choose a first topic.  But since this is father’s day I’ll go with the lie: “Single mother homes are just as good as those who have a father”. or  stated another way, “Children don’t need fathers”


This lie has been around quite a long time.  Interest in it perhaps peaked when someone running for president  or VP criticized the Murphy Brown example of choosing to bring up a child alone.  They twisted the words to say that what he really said was single mothers were bad or something.  Single mothers are heroic in my opinion, and that’s because raising a child is a job for two.  Many of you will say “two Moms are just as good.” We’ll know better in the future just how true that is.  But I have two things to say.


Number 1.  Ample evidence is out there that children of even the poorest families that have a Mom and Dad do better then even the most affluent single parent families.  Look it up.  Plenty of evidence of that.


Number 2.  Fathers have different role in raising children.  The mother  mothers them.  She protects, feeds, and comforts and helps children develop empathy.  Dad’s job is to prepare the children for the world. To challenge them. To lay down rules. It’s the yin and yang of the two parents that really helps the child fully develop. When my son was joining the Navy, my wife was against this because it’s a hard job, and she worried about him doing well.  I said, he had a normal childhood with plenty of yelling, he will do fine in the Navy, and he did.

I was going to list the problems associated with fatherlessness. But my source listed so many, I’ll just let you look at the Psychology Today article yourself.

So, for the sake of your children, work out your problems and stay married, or failing that, work to ensure your children are integrated into their father’s life. Kids need their fathers.



Dear President Trump,

Thanks so much for winning the election! I’ve been floating on cloud nine ever since.  It’s probably wrong to enjoy all the leftist heads exploding, but I just can’t help it. Best of luck in your new gig, and keep kicking leftist ass.


Joe Richards

My thoughts on Marriage

Some of you may be thinking about marriage in your future, (and some of you may be thinking about divorce), so I thought I’d take a few minutes and share my thoughts on this subject. Our American culture is so full of misunderstanding and misconception about what marriage means, that I thought I’d share another view.


Marriage in today’s legal world is a very dangerous place for a man. If a man with children gets divorced he divides his bank account in half. He probably loses his house. He will also be making payments for child support and alimony. He may very well lose his children if his ex works to turn them against him. He may also lose his reputation by the ex accusing him of various crimes such as child molestation, domestic violence or just about anything. A relative of mine was falsely accused of molestation, and it was a nightmare for him. So, it can be a real horror show if divorce happens, and divorce happens a lot.


So, I found myself debating myself. Should I be pushing my sons toward marriage which in today’s world may ultimately be very detrimental to their well being? I think the answer is yes, but with a caveat that one had better make sure from the onset that they make that marriage work.


I think some of the benefits of marriage; companionship, friendship, and intimacy are well known and are portrayed in just about every movie and song out there. But one big plus of marriage is often portrayed as a negative, and that is the children that often come out of it. I wanted children, but greatly underestimated both the both the effect, and the reward. Raising successful and happy children has provided me personally a huge, huge amount of personal satisfaction. I’m not saying there weren’t trying, terrifying, and tedious moments along the way but the satisfaction is huge and there were many terrific moments during the whole process. Some couples choose to not have children. My spouse says, yes you shouldn’t have children if you don’t want them. But I think those people are ultimately missing out on one of life’s great joys.


But recognize that once a child shows up, the marriage fundamentally changes. It becomes much more important because the changes aren’t just affecting the people who decided to form a team, but also the people that didn’t get a vote. And divorce really doesn’t help the children. In fact, studies show that children from the lowest socioeconomic group of intact families do better than children from the highest socioeconomic group of single families. So it is extremely important that you work at your marriage for the long haul because once you have children they need your marriage to work.


There is a lot of misinformation, a lot of it from Hollywood and the liberal left about marriage. It focuses on how marriage is a romantic time where you have to find your “soul mate” and then “live happily ever after”. Then they provide you with just about the worst tool ever by telling you “love means never having to say you’re sorry”. FemiNazis say marriage is the oppression of women, which is about as foolish as the other things they say. They say, if you didn’t find the right one the first time, just get a divorce and move on. And like everything coming from the liberal left, this is all bullshit. Marriages were arranged or at least approved of for couples for most of recorded history. Marriages are still arranged in many cultures. And if the vast majority of these arranged marriages can survive, and they do, marital durability must be due to something more than finding your soul mate.



The real tools for marital durability involve trying to be unselfish. You have to recognize the infatuation phase will wear off and then you are just two people trying to work things out and to form a good working team. Recognize now this other person isn’t your soul mate, but someone you like and want to work with. Probably the most important thing is to not let negative things build up. When things go wrong, you have to work through your problems (with a lot of talking) to a compromise of some sort. The church and God are an ally in this as they reiterate the message of self-sacrifice and love. Not romantic love, but the love they talk about in church that means forgiving, work and sacrifice.


So, I am coming down in favor of marriage. But it’s a big commitment that I wanted to make sure you went into with your eyes open to the risks and the rewards. Use all the tools, church, family, communication, the church’s pre marriage course, and your own personal commitment to make the marriage work. And whatever you do, don’t think divorce is the easy way out.


Gay Rights? A pathway to hell

Gay, Transgender, confused, queer, lesbian, undecided. The leftists are pushing and glorifying gay and transgender lifestyles. There is some evidence that people are genetically predisposed to be gay. But what were the lives of all these gay people like in the past? I think a lot of them married and had children and just kept everything else … well…”in the closet.” I’m not going to have the argument here whether it’s a choice or biological. But I am going to use the premise that you can have an attraction for the same sex and still marry someone of the opposite sex and raise children. This premise is founded on the idea that people have been doing this for thousands of years.

The left is punishing anyone who tries to speak out against the runaway train that is the gay “rights” movement. They want these lifestyles totally accepted by everyone, arguing that everyone speaking out is somehow afraid of gays. They don’t understand that this so-called “right” that gays have exactly the same life as heterosexuals (or as gays call us “breeders”) is going to create many, many problems in the future.

Some argue that religion doesn’t accept this arrangement. That’s true. Most religions don’t accept same sex marriages, but leftists believe religions are created by people and can therefore be changed by people. I believe my religion was created by God but that many of its moving parts were laid out by people with divine inspiration. The godless left only sees the part created by people and says this can be changed and they have had success with actually changing the workings of some weaker religions.

But I’m not interested in making an argument based on religion. That’s a losing argument because some foolish religions are accepting gay marriage. The left then argues that if some accept, the others are wrong not to accept and must be forced to accept. They will trample on freedom of religion and will ultimately begin sending people to prison if their religion doesn’t conform. I’m going to argue this based on the children of gay parents who will be the train wreck of the runaway gay “rights” train.

I believe most gays won’t have children, but many will want to. I don’t believe they want children for the sake of the children, but to help solidify the illusion that they are living normal acceptable lives. Some gays have children from the period before they decided to go gay. Some adopt. Some go for artificial insemination, and some for paid incubation. Evidence shows gay and lesbian couples are more likely to abuse their children, both sexually and physically. By condoning gay marriage and worse yet gay adoption we as a country will be sanctioning abuse of thousands of children. If you thought the gay priest abuse was bad, wait til you see what’s coming. The press will cover it up, but it’s going to happen, and it will be awful.

Now let’s talk about another subset. This is the group of non-abusive gay parents who have procured children and really want to do what’s best for the children. Right off the bat these kids don’t get either a father figure or a mother figure. Males raised by single mothers have a lot of adjustment problems and adding another mother is not likely to help. Girls also have problems with single mother parenting. I haven’t read extensively the problems of children with single Dad’s but I’m sure they’re there. So, every child raised by single sex couples will have significantly more adjustment issues than ones raised by to sex parents. I have read articles by some of these children who did not appreciate their parent’s choices. Evidence is also mounting that children raised by gay couples are much more likely to have emotional difficulties, have less education, and have lower income. Some may do well, but most will find they start at a disadvantage. It’s bad enough that so many children are already raised in broken homes. Why would we as a society want to assign millions more to this fate just for the vanity of the gay rights movement?

Transgender. Trading in a set of sexual equipment that works for one that doesn’t . Not a win. I’ve seen a few man to freakshow-woman and they have all been hideous. Woman to man can’t be much better. This whole category should come under the heading “bad idea” and should be resisted.

I’ve been debating with myself if civil unions for gays would be ok. I’ve finally concluded that anything that puts their union in the same or similar light to real marriage increases their claim that they should be able to adopt children. Also note the scorn, loathing, and attacks on any who disagree with the gay rights positions. What we see here is a total intolerance for any position but their own. Therefore, I think we need to resist all calls for “rights” or “equality” in terms of gay marriage. I think we should show the same tolerance to the gay rights movement that it shows to anyone who holds a different opinion. To hell with the fucking gay rights movement.