Militant transgenderism

Here’s a guy, masquerading as a woman who says if you wouldn’t date someone like him, you’re a bigot. Here’s Riley Dennis;

Trouble getting my mind around this, but somehow it’s also bad if you are dating a girl who turns out to have a dick, and you’re a dick if you aren’t happy about that. So I guess you “enlightened” SJW types are going to have to suck some trans dick to earn your SJW bona fides.

It’s one thing when they started out as “live and let live”.  Now it’s accept our delusion, or there is something wrong with YOU!


Annaliese Nielsen

a.k.a Lara Nielsen.


Has gotten her 15 minutes of fame.  She’s getting a ride from a Lyft driver who has a Hawaiian bobble headed hula dancer on his dash. Nielsen, a women’s studies moron, starts recording and then berates him for his hula girl for 8 minutes. You can see the video here:

It’s not very pleasant to watch until the other passenger starts being total disgusted by Nielsen’s behavior.  Then it gets really good when the driver drops her off in the middle of nowhere.

She goes on to get him fired, except they rehired him once they saw/heard the video.

Then the fun starts. People get busy on the internet making fun of this nasty woman.  Lots of these memes involve hula girls with her face pasted on.  Some involve pictures of a horse, though I can’t figure out why it’s the front part of the horse. She’s deleted her accounts because of all the well earned harassment she’s getting. She can’t even understand why it’s happening.

I’ve seen this a number of times. Some SJW thinks he will save the world by recording himself being an ass, or killing someone, or sitting down during the national anthem, or shutting down traffic because only black lives matter or some other foolish thing. I say keep mocking them.  Even if they can’t learn, we can have fun at their expense.


Update: Looked at some of this woman’s tweets.  Pretty clear she hates white males.   Thinks it’s somehow wrong for a white male to use something from some other culture.  Guess I better turn in my toyotas. No more sushi! Well wait a second, why does everyone else get to use stuff white males invented?  You scummy leftists giving up your phones, electricity, cars, and computers?  Thought not.  Give me a call when you do


The transgender delusion continued

I wrote a Post about the Department of Education forcing all schools to accept the transgender delusion. I got some angry comments from 2 transgender people, upset that I called them delusional. They really believe they are transgender so for them it doesn’t seem like a delusion.


But while arguing I was forced to learn a number of things. The trans community believes that gender is separate from sex. This therefore makes it possible for them to believe there are more than 2 genders. No one elaborated on what the extra ones were.


It also became clear that the transgender people are  unhappy. Well, very unhappy. The one who thought he was a girl didn’t want to tell everyone about his real gender, while the one who thinks she’s a man was often irritated by people who thought she was a girl.


There was mutual agreement that these unhappy people should be able to get help in dealing with all this. But now here’s the weird part, though there are still some groups doing this, it is thought to be harmful to simply help these people be comfortable with their actual gender. This is called reparative or “conversion” therapy. Conversion therapy earned a bad rap with the L/G/B movement because; they don’t want to change, and I think this treatment was done poorly and/or for the wrong reasons. So, when the T joined the LGB movement this option was automatically ruled out. In fact, it’s been made illegal in some states to help people become comfortable with their own gender. This trend will likely continue until it will be completely illegal for a counselor to suggest to little Johnny that he is not really a girl.


Where does this leave us? It leaves us kind of where we are. These people can’t accept that they are what they are. And because they are unhappy they want to become happy, and the only option left is to attempt change gender. We aren’t even going to try to get them comfortable with the truth.


The left of course buys into this delusion. (Delusion is what they are good at.) This means any child having gender doubts is taken by his “loving” leftist parents to a counselor who can only accept his delusion as fact. These “loving” parents then attempt to change the sex of their children,thereby sterilizing them, and forcing them into a life of unhappiness.


But the left has never really cared for their own children, have they?

Transgenderism, the national delusion

Today, May 13th 2016, it was announced on the news that every school district in the country, all 14,000 of them had to accept the delusion of all “transgenders”. (How appropriate to put this out on Friday the 13th.) I note that the spell check says transgenders is not a word. That’s because there is actually no such thing as trangender.  One’s gender is determined at the cellular level.  Every cell of you body is marked as to what gender you are. So anyone who thinks they are suddenly, or gradually, the other gender is suffering from a delusion.

But apparently not any longer, because the federal government has now declared that a transgender’s delusion must be shared by all.

Let’s practice.

“POP”. Hey, I’m a woman. Cool, I’m a bearded woman. I think I now have guaranteed employment at the circus.

“POP” oops, I slipped back.

“POP” where’s my purse? Did I have  a chance to shop the last time I was a woman?

“POP” Dang, I wasn’t even trying that time.

“POP” I’m going to need more clothes.

“POP” No I’m not.

Lest any of you want to call me a bigot, please remember that I was a transgender three times in this article.

Abortion – Our own Holocaust

Everyone expresses outrage that the Nazis butchered every Jew they could get their hands on. Everyone also condemns powerless Germans living under Hitler for failing to do something. But here we sit in a supposedly free country that has somewhere along the way turned into something similar to Nazi Germany. Our tax dollars are used to finance Planned Parenthood, which, not only performs abortions, but now sells human body parts from the aborted babies. (Take a look at Matt Walsh’s blog on this. I can’t see how this is much different from selling shoes and gold teeth you stole from Jews on their way to the gas chamber.

Not only do most people stand by and not do anything, but I see idiots in the comments section arguing that the unborn “are not children”. At first I was confused by this statement. What else could they be? But then I realized the Nazis, oops I mean Pro-Choizis, force themselves to believe the lie that the unborn are not children. Isn’t this EXACTLY the same logic the Nazis used on the Jews? They aren’t humans? The Choizis argue that the unborn aren’t children in the first trimester, nor in the last trimester, when they are always 15 minutes away from birth by C-section.

I urge all of you to write and call your senators and congressman and beg them to at least stop funding Planned Parenthood. We are in the midst of another Holocaust, but this time, we are the perpetrators. Don’t stand silently by when you CAN do something.

Christianity and You

I was raised a Roman Catholic. My church attendance plummeted once I moved away from home. But once my kids arrived in my life I started going back because I thought it was important for them to have a religious background.

And while in church, now that I was no longer a teen-ager, I started to really listen. I found that the message was both extremely relevant to me in my current life, and extremely important. There were messages such as “enjoy the moment you are in”, “love is selfless”, and “forgive”. There were also tactical lessons such as what forgiveness really means, and how to discipline yourself. (I still need improvement here and almost everywhere else really)

I applied some of these teachings and found they worked. I also noted that the messages of our culture, “Love means never having to say you are sorry”, “Romance is the same thing as Love”, “If it feels good, do it” and “Looking out for number one”, were pretty much 180 degrees out from what they were teaching in church. I now believe following the messages of our culture are a sure recipe for an unhappy life.

So here I am going to perhaps the most unbending of the Christian religions hearing things that are totally out of step with what our popular culture is pushing. I’m seeing that actually applying these principles works.* I then reexamined places where I had staked out a position different from the church, and I came to realize that whenever you behaved differently than the church said you should, you were the one who was going to suffer. And I don’t mean suffer in the afterlife, I mean suffer in the current one. Think of any commandment, and think of consequences if you get caught breaking it, and think of the consequences if you break it, but don’t get caught. Lots eh? Think of the times when you have violated Church teachings. How has this worked out for you?
What does all this long winded ranting mean? It means the Church isn’t there to oppress us or control us. The Church is there TO PROTECT US FROM OURSELVES AND OUR BAD, SELF-DESTRUCTIVE IMPULSES. The church tries to give us the tools to help us as well. The Church teaches us self discipline. The Church further teaches us to love selflessly and how to treat others (as we would be treated). In short the church teaches us to live in a way that will make us happy and gives us the tools to do it.

I credit my religious upbringing with helping me avoid doing really bad things, which are pretty much unthinkable to me. I’ve seen that where I’ve strayed from the more subtle of Church teachings also results in more subtle forms of unhappiness. And, I’ve seen where following Church teachings has led to personal satisfaction and happiness. I personally am no saint. I wouldn’t consider myself holy. I wouldn’t even say that I’m a good Catholic. I am in no way someone who should be giving anyone spiritual advice. All I can say is, Christianity, if you let it, will make you happier. I only suggest seeking it out for yourself to see if it helps you live more happily.

*True story. The message in church one week was “Don’t live for the weekend” Roughly, if you find yourself just living for the weekend, you are wishing away a lot of your life. Figure out how to enjoy the week as well. Some time after that, my wife informed me that we were taking the kids to the beach. I had another list of things I had wanted to do that Saturday, and taking the kids to the beach WAS NOT ON IT. But once I was there sitting on the sand, baking in the sun, brushing away the flies, I decided to have as good a time as I could while I was at the beach. It’s like I flicked a little switch from baditude to positive attitude. I don’t remember what I did at the beach, something on the order of played with the kids, but I did have a good time. So, just by adjusting my attitude I was able to turn a negative event into a positive event.