James Comey is a traitor

James Comey, who I will refer hereafter as fucking traitorous scumsucking piece of shit. No wait that’s too long. How about Benedict Arnold Jr.?


Why is he a traitor? Well, he has a chance to save the Republic and instead of prosecuting Hillary gives her a pass for a number of felony counts I would be in prison for.

FUCK YOU Junior.


The People Are All Right

There’s so much bad news out there that it’s getting increasingly difficult for me to be positive. But Sarah Hoyt reminds me that it may still come out ok.

According To Hoyt


Years ago, when I was particularly depressed about something stupid going on in government, I had to leave the office and go pick up the kids from school.

At the time, we lived in a tiny mountain town near Colorado Springs, and it was a fine late Spring day.  As I walked to the school, five blocks away, I saw people out working on their roofs, people planting their gardens, people taking their pets for walks, people driving for a volunteer organization that drives the elderly around, people going about their lawful business in every possible way.

And suddenly, like an epiphany, I realized that our “elites” including the presstitutes and the supposed intellectual heights of academia, are among some of the most corrupt in the world, but the people?  The people are all right.

This is the reason why, despite our terrible institutions we’re not Somalia or Venezuela or…

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