Peak Lefism

I’ve seen articles saying we are already at “peak leftism” but everyday it seems getting worse. Today the leftist in chief continues to warm up to criminals, or as he refers to them as, get this, “justice involved individuals”. This makes me a “fucking furious” individual.  What should we do with the word “criminal” now that it’s been replaced. Maybe we could use it in place of “female democratic presidential candidate” as that is such a mouth full.


I’ve got a list going explaining current thinking on what is good and bad for the leftists.  Add to it via the comment section.

Bad Good
Eating non-organic food so dangerous chemicals enter your body. Injecting dangerous chemicals into your daughter’s body because she thinks she’s a boy.


Killing an unborn deer Killing an unborn human
Smoking tobacco Smoking pot
Arresting black “justice involved individuals” Shooting cops
Chalking “Trump ’16” on the sidewalk Voting for a criminal or a commie
Being white Being non-white
Being male Being non-male
Owning a gun Making death threats to gun owners, or publishing their addresses
Being a Christian or a Jew Being muslim or atheist
Pretending to be black Pretending to be a woman or a man
Israel Iran
U.S. Cuba
Western Civilization Every other culture, no matter how horrible
Capitalism Communism
Republican Democrat
Conservative progressive
Saying all lives matter -racist Saying black lives matter- not racist
Former democrats –Wilson, Jackson, Davis Current democrats



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