I recently read an article by some buffoon slamming man caves and the men who had them.

How can there be so much controversy on this? There are formal areas of the house, which I worked to decorate with my wife as a team. (I know you guys who want to be uberalpha think you shouldn’t be a team with your wife, but that’s a mistake in the long run.  I am pretty sure I’m a traditional guy, who makes the big decisions, but it’s much better if you listen to the spouse and consider her thoughts)

Then I have a study, which I decorate however I like, where I can relax and watch tv or xbox if I’m having some alone time, or where my male friends can come over for gaming. Sometimes my spouse will watch tv there with me if I’m working on a project, or sometimes we’re in the family room.

Anyway, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a room to yourself, (or two as I’m about to put in another) and there’s nothing wrong if you don’t want or need one. You, as a man, (or woman, who cares?) get to decide.  The only issue would be if your spouse says you can’t have one, then you have to.


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