The new Moloch

In ancient times the god Moloch demanded human, and especially child sacrifice.  When I first learned of this god I thought that these would be children taken from some other tribe, or taken by force from unwilling parents. Now I’m questioning the unwilling part.  I think parents chose to sacrifice their own children because they believed in the god. You might think people wouldn’t willingly sacrifice their own children to some false god, until you look at the transgender religion. Yes that’s right Moloch is now called “gender dysphoria” and people are lining up to sacrifice their own children to him.

Here are some things to think about.

Maybe the parents who decide to transgender their own child feel guilty about driving a gas powered car, or don’t eat vegan or whatever. But they can at least throw their children to Moloch.The original Moloch was a wood fired bronze statue that gave a painful but relatively quick death. This new Moloch provides decades of suffering. And can we treat the mental disorder? no that’s agains the rules. All you can ever do is accept the delusion of the trangender, and throw them to Moloch.





The transgender delusion continued

I wrote a Post about the Department of Education forcing all schools to accept the transgender delusion. I got some angry comments from 2 transgender people, upset that I called them delusional. They really believe they are transgender so for them it doesn’t seem like a delusion.


But while arguing I was forced to learn a number of things. The trans community believes that gender is separate from sex. This therefore makes it possible for them to believe there are more than 2 genders. No one elaborated on what the extra ones were.


It also became clear that the transgender people are  unhappy. Well, very unhappy. The one who thought he was a girl didn’t want to tell everyone about his real gender, while the one who thinks she’s a man was often irritated by people who thought she was a girl.


There was mutual agreement that these unhappy people should be able to get help in dealing with all this. But now here’s the weird part, though there are still some groups doing this, it is thought to be harmful to simply help these people be comfortable with their actual gender. This is called reparative or “conversion” therapy. Conversion therapy earned a bad rap with the L/G/B movement because; they don’t want to change, and I think this treatment was done poorly and/or for the wrong reasons. So, when the T joined the LGB movement this option was automatically ruled out. In fact, it’s been made illegal in some states to help people become comfortable with their own gender. This trend will likely continue until it will be completely illegal for a counselor to suggest to little Johnny that he is not really a girl.


Where does this leave us? It leaves us kind of where we are. These people can’t accept that they are what they are. And because they are unhappy they want to become happy, and the only option left is to attempt change gender. We aren’t even going to try to get them comfortable with the truth.


The left of course buys into this delusion. (Delusion is what they are good at.) This means any child having gender doubts is taken by his “loving” leftist parents to a counselor who can only accept his delusion as fact. These “loving” parents then attempt to change the sex of their children,thereby sterilizing them, and forcing them into a life of unhappiness.


But the left has never really cared for their own children, have they?

Peak Lefism

I’ve seen articles saying we are already at “peak leftism” but everyday it seems getting worse. Today the leftist in chief continues to warm up to criminals, or as he refers to them as, get this, “justice involved individuals”. This makes me a “fucking furious” individual.  What should we do with the word “criminal” now that it’s been replaced. Maybe we could use it in place of “female democratic presidential candidate” as that is such a mouth full.


I’ve got a list going explaining current thinking on what is good and bad for the leftists.  Add to it via the comment section.

Bad Good
Eating non-organic food so dangerous chemicals enter your body. Injecting dangerous chemicals into your daughter’s body because she thinks she’s a boy.


Killing an unborn deer Killing an unborn human
Smoking tobacco Smoking pot
Arresting black “justice involved individuals” Shooting cops
Chalking “Trump ’16” on the sidewalk Voting for a criminal or a commie
Being white Being non-white
Being male Being non-male
Owning a gun Making death threats to gun owners, or publishing their addresses
Being a Christian or a Jew Being muslim or atheist
Pretending to be black Pretending to be a woman or a man
Israel Iran
U.S. Cuba
Western Civilization Every other culture, no matter how horrible
Capitalism Communism
Republican Democrat
Conservative progressive
Saying all lives matter -racist Saying black lives matter- not racist
Former democrats –Wilson, Jackson, Davis Current democrats


Transgenderism, the national delusion

Today, May 13th 2016, it was announced on the news that every school district in the country, all 14,000 of them had to accept the delusion of all “transgenders”. (How appropriate to put this out on Friday the 13th.) I note that the spell check says transgenders is not a word. That’s because there is actually no such thing as trangender.  One’s gender is determined at the cellular level.  Every cell of you body is marked as to what gender you are. So anyone who thinks they are suddenly, or gradually, the other gender is suffering from a delusion.

But apparently not any longer, because the federal government has now declared that a transgender’s delusion must be shared by all.

Let’s practice.

“POP”. Hey, I’m a woman. Cool, I’m a bearded woman. I think I now have guaranteed employment at the circus.

“POP” oops, I slipped back.

“POP” where’s my purse? Did I have  a chance to shop the last time I was a woman?

“POP” Dang, I wasn’t even trying that time.

“POP” I’m going to need more clothes.

“POP” No I’m not.

Lest any of you want to call me a bigot, please remember that I was a transgender three times in this article.


I recently read an article by some buffoon slamming man caves and the men who had them.

How can there be so much controversy on this? There are formal areas of the house, which I worked to decorate with my wife as a team. (I know you guys who want to be uberalpha think you shouldn’t be a team with your wife, but that’s a mistake in the long run.  I am pretty sure I’m a traditional guy, who makes the big decisions, but it’s much better if you listen to the spouse and consider her thoughts)

Then I have a study, which I decorate however I like, where I can relax and watch tv or xbox if I’m having some alone time, or where my male friends can come over for gaming. Sometimes my spouse will watch tv there with me if I’m working on a project, or sometimes we’re in the family room.

Anyway, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a room to yourself, (or two as I’m about to put in another) and there’s nothing wrong if you don’t want or need one. You, as a man, (or woman, who cares?) get to decide.  The only issue would be if your spouse says you can’t have one, then you have to.