Abortion – Our own Holocaust

Everyone expresses outrage that the Nazis butchered every Jew they could get their hands on. Everyone also condemns powerless Germans living under Hitler for failing to do something. But here we sit in a supposedly free country that has somewhere along the way turned into something similar to Nazi Germany. Our tax dollars are used to finance Planned Parenthood, which, not only performs abortions, but now sells human body parts from the aborted babies. (Take a look at Matt Walsh’s blog on this. I can’t see how this is much different from selling shoes and gold teeth you stole from Jews on their way to the gas chamber.

Not only do most people stand by and not do anything, but I see idiots in the comments section arguing that the unborn “are not children”. At first I was confused by this statement. What else could they be? But then I realized the Nazis, oops I mean Pro-Choizis, force themselves to believe the lie that the unborn are not children. Isn’t this EXACTLY the same logic the Nazis used on the Jews? They aren’t humans? The Choizis argue that the unborn aren’t children in the first trimester, nor in the last trimester, when they are always 15 minutes away from birth by C-section.

I urge all of you to write and call your senators and congressman and beg them to at least stop funding Planned Parenthood. We are in the midst of another Holocaust, but this time, we are the perpetrators. Don’t stand silently by when you CAN do something.