Pleasure and Satisfaction

I think I’ve hit on this in a roundabout way. I’ve posted on the things that have brought me happiness, a career, marriage, children and things like that. Then I thought about things that I most liked to do; eat, watch movies, games with friends, party, read, hike, whatever. The things that bring pleasure are temporary and really don’t provide any lasting satisfaction. The things that are hard, building a business, raising children, working, keeping your relationship in order, these are the things that ultimately lead to satisfaction.

Think about that for a moment. The entire focus of our instant gratification “culture” is on pleasure. It’s everywhere a preoccupation with sex, fun, partying, sports, entertainment, drinking, romance, “self fulfillment” (which is often code for “I want a divorce”), “finding yourself”. The list is an endless focus on happiness through pleasure with a single minded focus on the self. Hollywood, the media, and leftists in general totally push for this happiness through pleasure. Have all the sex you want with anyone you want. “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Be entertained. Enjoy. You only live once. And so on

The left says it hates Christianity because it is oppressive. Nothing could be further from the truth. The church teaches us not to have sex outside marriage. not to overindulge in food, alcohol and to love and care for others ahead of one self. This is not to oppress, this is to protect us from our own selves.

Take these one at a time.

What does sex outside of marriage lead to? Divorce. Unwanted pregnancy. Disease. Inability to commit to long term relationships.

What does overindulgence lead to? Poor health. Alcoholism. Diabetes. Obesity.

And what does total focus on self lead to? I’m not quite sure, but probably it leads to a life alone with no spouse, no children and few if any real friends.

I think a life totally devoted to pleasure will not be a happy life. I think a life focused on caring for others, raising children and trying to get closer to God is what will make you truly happy. This is the harder path, but the harder path will bring the greatest reward. And reward on earth comes from satisfaction of accomplishments and not any temporary pleasure. They’ll go over rewards on the next life in church.

So, I advise you to go back to Church, to learn how to really pray and get closer to God, and to choose a satisfying life over a purely pleasurable one.