Lying media and the Catholic Church

The lying media hates the Catholic Church. I think it’s because their religion is leftism/communism/feminism/etcism, and they see another religion as a threat to theirs. The media reveled in the church’s priest scandals, though they were careful to label the gay priests as “pedophiles” so they wouldn’t offend the gay members of leftism. They appear to be fawning over Pope Francis, not because of respect, but because he is easily misquoted and misrepresented into sounding like a leftist. Nothing could be further from the truth. “concern for the poor” is turned into “communism is good’ or ”capitalism is bad”. “Gays and divorced should be welcomed to the church” is turned into “Pope approves of gay marriage and divorce” I assure you, that even though the church welcomes everyone, the Pope is standing by traditional marriage.

Another aspect of Christianity the lying media and leftists hate is that it goes against the “everything and I mean everything goes” attitude of the left. They don’t want to feel bad when they dump their spouse, abandon their children and run off with their gay lover.

So I submit to you, my tiny handful of readers, that if the lying leftist media is against it, maybe it is something good. In fact, maybe Christianity is something wonderful.

Christianity allowed the kind of culture that developed into western civilization. If you don’t believe that, go live in Syria for a bit.

Christianity does forbid a number of behaviors, THAT YOU WILL PERSONALLY GREATLY BENEFIT BY NOT DOING. Think about it, what good comes from coveting your neighbors wife or stuff? Does anyone really benefit very much from divorce? Certainly the children don’t, and most divorced people I’ve talked to take years if not decades to recover, if they can recover at all. Not stealing or murdering seem pretty obvious, though leftists are only for murdering or stealing from conservatives. I suggest any leftists reading think about the commandment “Thou shalt have no other gods” and drop out of the lying left.