Democrats push the false university rape story

“The Rolling Stone”, a leftist rag, recently published a false account accusing a fraternity of gang-raping a girl. Lena Dunham, a leftist hag, published a book accusing Barry, a Republican at Oberlin of raping her. Guess what. Also false. It’s interesting that she picked “a republican” as her fictional attacker, because everyone knows republicans are the evil people out there, secretly running a number of concentration camps in North Dakota. Sheesh.


I thought I’d publish some factual information on rapes you haven’t heard about. Why haven’t you heard? Read and see.


Terry Bean, Obama supporter, and gay rights activist, or if you like, typical leftist, raised $500,000 for Obama in 2012. He’s been arrested and charged with third degree sex abuse of a boy.


Donny Ray Williams, a democratic staff director of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee, has entered into a plea bargain for drugging and then raping a woman. The plea deal goes to a judge in march 2015.


These last two, involving democrats, are therefore local news. So nothing to see here folks. They are only national news when they involve republicans or push rape agenda of the democratic party.


And a link if you like:


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