Media gets Ferguson as wrong as possible.



Let’s see if I can sum up. Gentle Giant (GG), steals some cigars and roughs up a clerk. Then, with a friend, walks down the middle of the street, slowing traffic. A police officer stops his car to ask “What’s wrong with the sidewalk?” GG responds by slamming the car door on the officer’s leg, and slamming it shut after the officer pulls his leg in. Then GG hits the officer twice in the face, hard. Officer, not liking this (go figure), pulls his gun and tells GG to back off. GG retreats, officer leaves car, GG puts his head down and charges officer. About to be killed officer shoots GG.


Media response:


Racist white police shoot unarmed GG while he’s politely trying to surrender.


White Racism!!!!!!! Whites are KKK!!!!!!!White privilege!!!!!!!!!! Whites are bad!!!!! Kill the white cops!!!!!Loot the stores!!!!!!!! Burn the stores!!!!!!!!


Final result:


Grand Jury says self defense, though Eric Holdover continues to echo media/democrat talking points. (see above)


Luckily about 80 % of Americans finally see the truth in all this and will hopefully remember the media and democratic party’s incredibly dishonest portrayal of this.


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