Women Are NOT The Enemy

There are a lot of men who think men should either avoid women or to avoid marriage. I read the comments on manosphere blogs, and can see a huge amount of bitterness and fear expressed by the writers. There’s talk of losing everything through frivorce. Lots of people advise walking away from women altogether, while others say have all the temporary girlfriends you want, but never get close and form a partnership with one.


There’s no doubt why people have come to this conclusion. I have an article here describing the completely twisted world view of a fully indoctrinated femi-nazi. And there is no doubt about the number of completely spoiled women, and men, running around out there in the US and other western countries. I think perhaps it’s worse for women with the “you can be anything, you are special, and you are better than everyone else” chant running through the media and pop culture. I am especially offended by the ridiculous female action heroes portrayed in film.


Some of you may say there are no spoiled men out there, but I point to Elliot Rodger as the poster child for warped, immature, and spoiled men.


People have also pointed out on various manosphere sites that women crave with all their hearts and souls to be in a relationship. I believe this to be absolutely true, though feminism is busily teaching a contradictory message. That message though, contradicts women’s nature and this is demonstrated by all the femi-nazis rejecting men in the daytime while looking for a husband every evening.


I also believe women want leadership. (that popping sound you hear is feminist heads exploding) This is why they are more attracted to men who have a plan. My daughter recently dumped a guy who was constantly manipulating her to ask him out. This is why “alphas” do well in the dating market. But there is another component of this that’s perhaps not well understood. Women also want to have influence over whatever the plan is. My daughter also recently dumped a guy who didn’t listen to her at all. No listening, no influence. The women want the men to be planning the future while they influence whatever decision is made. I have found that this is a good thing. My wife and I can point to decisions we spent a lot of time going back and forth over and those decisions were better than any decision either of us would have made on our own.


In summary, women want an equal partnership. They want men’s affection, leadership, and companionship. In return, they will be the best mothers they can be, as they will totally devote themselves to their children. If you are a man and you want children, never, ever consider having them without providing a mother as well. The father provides leadership and guidance to the children. The mother gives them everything else. Couples in a good partnership will stay married, produce great children, and will ultimately really enjoy that relationship. There will be unpleasant moments along the way, and marriage, as is pointed out quite frequently is full of risk, but with high risk comes great reward.