Social Justice Warriors are the Problem

From the Dalrock blog:


The new Red Guards.

Posted on September 23, 2014by Dalrock

Vox succinctly describes Social Justice Warriors:

Social Justice Enforcers would be a more apt term. The SJWs are nothing less than the mutaween of the godless West, the self-appointed enforcers of the would-be globalist elite’s hellish parody of morality.



End quote


Keep this in mind when you listen to the news and the radio. The recent tempest in a teapot over Ray Rice whacking his fiancé comes to mind. None of these SJW’s said boo about his fiancé whacking him first. No criminal charges were made, which pretty much means he’s not guilty. (I’m not saying he was right, but that you can’t always just blame the man without looking at his side.) So now the SJW’s are looking for anything and everything to beat up the NFL. I heard someone suggest they do away with cheerleaders because… what? They’re demeaning to women? They make some people feel fat? I don’t know. Another blogger, whom I can’t find again, noted that a google search of media people (reporters, news anchors etc.) beating up their wives and girlfriends yielded a treasure trove of results. Where’s the outrage over that? Why aren’t we beating up people in the media over their “war on women”? It’s because they are the lead SJW’s and they are busy attacking the NFL right now thank you very much.


Also note that a lot of women do some serious physical damage to the men in their lives. (remember Lorraina Bobbit?) The men in these situations, are in a totally damned no matter what you do situation. If they react like Ray, they may go to prison, lose their jobs and God knows what else. If they report it, they are apparently looked down upon by the cops, and typically nothing happens to the women. You may not believe me, but check it out for yourself, and then ask yourself what happened to Mrs. Ray Rice.


The Matt Walsh Blog has a great article [1] entitled “Sorry, but it’s your fault you’re offended all the time”. He notes the SJW’s are busy assigning motives to things you do so they can be offended. For example if you pull a chair out for a woman or open the door for a woman, then you are performing a “microagression” by implying that she can’t do it herself. These microagressions can be almost anything, like asking someone where they are from, or complimenting them on their hair, or to think Asians might be better at math.


So what can one do?


First, learn to recognize the SJW’s. It’s pretty easy because they use trite, and false phrases constantly. “war on women”, “patriarchy”, “racist”, “white privilege”, “rape culture”, “trigger warning”, “homophobe”, “Eurocentric”, “microagression” and on and on ad nauseum.


Next, just don’t take it. Call them on their BS. Fight. Why? Because they will never give up, and their complaints will just become ever more ridiculous. They will happily destroy you in their never ending crusade. Ask Ray Rice, Brendan Eich(Firefox), or George Zimmerman. If you apologize, which is to admit you were wrong, they now have proof that you are evil. If you say they are wrong and wrong headed, refuse to apologize because after all you have committed no wrong, they lose.


Recognize their lies, don’t believe their lies, and fight their lies. Evil wins if good men sit idly by and do nothing.




Democrats going fascist

I recently saw a bumper stick asking me to “Please, spay your Republican”. I couldn’t help but notice that this means the democrats are morphing into National Socialists, i.e. the Nazis. They were another pleasant political party that believed it was a good idea to sterilize their opponents.


And then there’s the “femitheist” which is latin for “all men must die”. She’s of the ilk of my last post who thinks the world would be better off without men. She’s not discussing the bloody details on where the men will all go, but you can use your imagination. You can see one of her rants at . I’m pretty sure she’s voting for democrats.

The Nazi’s had different categories of people they didn’t like than the dems, but it’s the same idea. And chances are, if you don’t agree with everything they say, you are their enemy.