Don’t marry a femi-nazi

My daughter recently had a conversation with her cousin who is a young liberal lady. Her cousin said two surprising things. One was that because men would earn so much more than her over their lifetimes, they should always pay for her meals. The second was that men were now obsolete and the human race could continue with just women and artificial insemination. Now these goals are a bit mutually exclusive. A man can’t pay for your dinner after you’ve euthanized him. Well I suppose once you’ve divvied up all his things he sort of can. That’s the way the Nazis did it. Let’s look at each of these liberal “ideas” one at time.


Idea one. Men earn more. Well, this is true. Why is this? Is this because of sex discrimination? Not really. It’s because men take different jobs. They take dirty and dangerous jobs. They also take less flexible jobs, where they can’t leave to pick up the kids. Walk around an oil well, a power plant, or a coal mine. Who are most of the people there? Men. Even though this makes the leftists crazy, because they want equal results for every one, it’s really for the best. Why? Because the ladies expect you to pay for their dinner, expect you to buy the engagement ring, and want you to earn lots of cash to pay for the kids they want to stay home with. And here’s the real kicker. Because hypergamy is real, women are much more attracted to high earners, especially the ones who earn more than they do. So the liberal ladies resent your higher earning power even while they seek you out for it.


Idea two. Let’s kill all the men and take their stuff. Here’s an example of a liberal idea that may just be too stupid to even comment on. Some recent libtard books; “The End of Men”-Hanna Rosin, “Are Men Necessary?”-Maureen Dowd. You may say, “You haven’t even read these.” To which I reply, “Thank you.”


If you’re dating or engaged to a girl that subscribes to these theories, think about maybe finding a different girl who doesn’t. It’s going to be tough to have an equal partnership with someone who thinks you owe her, or that the she would be better off with you dead.


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