The Game of Life Part II

I was lucky enough to be born in a more traditional era. My generation didn’t spend a lot of time trying to discover themselves, or to find a dream job or anything like that. We just got jobs, got married, and started having children. I can honestly say I went through about half my life without a particular plan. There is some merit, or actually a lot of merit in knowing what you want out of life, and I really believe everyone should make a plan and then work to implement that plan. But before you start I wanted to mention to you that even though I just went with traditional goals of business success, marital success and children, that was a terrific default set of goals. So choose your goals wisely and certainly consider the big three I’m laying out here. All of my friends that have brought up great kids are very, very happy they did that. . Building that economic success is part of the game, and it’s fun too. Many of my friends have successful marriages. A successful marriage is one where the spouses work together as a team and enjoy each other’s company much of the time. There’s an old saying that to be a man you must build a house, plant a tree, and sire a child. I would substitute “build a marriage, build a fortune/business/career, and sire children. I can recommend these to most of you as great choices to put in your life plan.

I have another male friend, or former friend, I’m not sure which, who decided he was gay. I say possibly former because he has drunk so much leftist kool-aid that we can’t have a serious conversation without someone getting angry and screaming that I have “White Privilege” (the politically correct new way of saying “racist”). We could probably converse about current music or cell phones, but these are deadly dull conversations. Friends can have conversations about real things, and we can’t do that any more. Anyway it occurred to me recently, while I was re-siding my house, that my gay friend had totally failed at the game of life. He certainly didn’t marry a woman, and while I believe he has had a few relationships with guys, he’s had nothing long term. So that’s one strike. He got a leftist liberal arts degree and became a school teacher. At one point he took a position in the school as a full time “diversity coordinator” which is leftist code for “gulag re-education torturer”. So, I suppose he gets some points for educating, which is a worthwhile career. But then he loses these points by indoctrinating young children in leftist ideology from which some may never recover, while others will take years of treatment to get over. Of course, as a leftist, he thinks capitalism is bad so only investment he’s ever made is in an IRA for retirement. And with that stunning teacher salary he relies on his mother for her cast off cars. So, strike two on fortune/business/career. And did I mention gay? No kids. Strike three.

You may say my idea of the game of life is foolish or stupid or homophobic or whatever. Go ahead and say what you like. But if you aren’t screaming things at me and are thinking about this, I challenge you to look around at people you know and think about which ones you think did better, and which ones did worse. Choose a role model who you know and believe has had a terrific life and think about the choices he made and the path he followed.


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